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Business Spotlight: Pinnacle Trips

When did you start Pinnacle Trips?

After training and certification, I founded Pinnacle Trips in January, 2012 My lifelong desire was to leave the corporate world and own my own travel consulting business.

What did you do before travel?

I was an IT executive for over 33 years with Merrill Lynch, GE Capital, and Aetna. I have a BBA in Marketing from Iona and an MBA in Information Systems from Pace University.

What attracted you to the travel industry?

Given the abundance of information and choices on the internet regarding planning a vacation, there is a critical need to provide consumers reliable travel options. Pinnacle Trips does not charge fees for our services and we save our clients time and reduce their stress in planning their trips.

What do you like most about what you do?

I enjoy collaborating with professionals and active retiree clients to understand their travel lifestyle, interests and passions in life. We then match them with the appropriate cruise, tour or resort and provide them several options. The trips that I plan result in deeper family connections and experiences that create lifetime memories.

What brought you to this area?

My love of travel and enjoy sharing my in-depth knowledge of destinations around the globe.

What do you like most about this area?

I enjoy planning trip itineraries that immerse my clients in the culture, history, cuisine and wine of that city or country.

What's your funniest customer story?

A 95 year old widow called me after reading my Solo Travel article in the Westchester Senior Voice magazine. I suggested possible destinations such as Branson. MO or Atlantic City. She empathetically said, “No, I want to go to either Asia or Africa!”. I was shocked and amazed. After a practical consultation with her, she decided that a Mississippi cruise from New Orleans to Memphis would be more prudent.

What should our readers know about you?

I enjoy and love to research new and unique destinations. I also put myself in the shoes of my clients and diligently plan each trip as if it were my own personal vacation. We are also travel advocates and “go to bat” for our clients if there are any issues prior to, during or after their trip. I am also a travel journalist who writes for few publications including Ridgefield Neighbors, Westchester Senior Voice, and five towns websites in Westchester.

Are there any special offers our readers should know about?

Several European river cruise companies are offering free or reduced airfare for certain sailings in 2020. Also, certain cruise and tour companies are eliminating the single supplement fees for solo travelers.


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