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Hundreds Petition For Right To Vote

On Friday, May 1st Governor Lamont issued a new executive order, 7HH, that forbids any municipality in Connecticut from allowing a Town Meeting or Referendum on the municipality's town budget for 2021, although other meetings and referendums will still be allowed. This is said to address previous executive orders that appeared to conflict with each other on the topic of budget meetings and referendum votes.

In an effort to restore the right for Town Meeting and/or referendum to approve Connecticut municipality's annual budgets, Bethel CT Board of Finance member Cynthia McCorkindale has started an online petition to demand that Governor Lamont restore the right for municipalities to hold social distance compliant Town Meeting and Referendum to approve their annual budgets. As of press time the petition had just under 460 signatures in its first 5 days.

"These orders abrogate the Constitutional principle of consent of the governed, a value that dates back to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut in 1639," McCorkindale said.

The petition, as well as comments from those who have signed it can be found online at


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