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Local Covid Update

With the phased re-opening of businesses and services in CT well underway, we took a snapshot of how communities in northern Fairfield County are faring in fighting Covid. We accessed the Connecticut state data for each community and then, in order to compare how each community is doing, we normalized the data by 1,000 residents. This allows comparison of community rates in as fair and even a way as possible.

Our goal is to provide a common baseline for community-based discussion about how each community is performing and possibly areas for improvement or models for success.

We found that the towns in our region have a wide range of performance fighting Covid. For example, residents in Bethel are more than 3 times as likely to get Covid than residents in Easton. Residents in Ridgefield are more than 6 1/2 times as likely to die from Covid than residents in Monroe.

Most striking in these comparisons was the variation in the rate of death for those who contract Covid. Ridgefield residents, for example, were more than 6 times as likely to die from a case of Covid than residents in Easton.

There are quite a few factors that the data does not cover. For example, the age of those infected with Covid has been shown to have a serious influence over the recovery rate, and age of Covid cases and recoveries by town was not available. We were able to access nursing home beds, Covid cases and deaths by town, and have also provided data by town after factoring out the nursing home data to view comparisons more appropriate for the general population.

We also found that income does not appear to effect outcome. For example, Ridgefield has the highest per capita income of the surveyed communities and also the highest rate of death per Covid case.


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