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Letter to the Editor – Utility Response and Rates
There is justifiable anger against Eversource and its response to the August 4th hurricane. Despite the forecast, Eversource failed to put resources in place to deal with the aftermath.

We’ve been here before with Hurricanes Irene, Sandy, and the 2012 Snowstorm. Unless something changes, we will be here again.

When people are without power for more than two days, hundreds of dollars of food and medication has to be thrown out. In 2012, our legislature introduced a bill that would have required Eversource to reimburse customers for spoiled food and medication. It also would have capped Eversource executive salary at $350,000 per year.

Once again, people have lost hundreds of dollars of food and medications. To add insult to injury, we learned that Eversource’s CEO earned almost $20 million dollars last year.

Our State Senator had a chance to support the 2012 Bill and enact basic consumer protections to protect Eversource customers. He voted against it.

He voted against reimbursing people for spoiled food and medicine. He voted against capping executive salary to ensure resources went to customers and not executives.

He also voted for the legislation Eversource claims resulted in the recent spikes in customer charges.

If elected, I will raise legislation to reimburse Eversource customers and limit multi-million dollar executive compensation for a monopoly that we, the taxpayers, granted. I will be an advocate for micro-grids, a transition to renewable energy sources, and modernizing our distribution grid with smart metering and requiring lines be put underground when road work/rehab is performed. It’s time for us to take back OUR power.

David Gronbach

Candidate for Connecticut Senate District 30


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