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Signs Of The Times

Throughout the region, the political anger on social media has spilled into the community, most noticeably with removal of political signs in unprecedented numbers

In this otherwise polarizing, anger filled political season, political candidates across the spectrum seem to have one common thing they agree on – removing or damaging political campaign signs is not acceptable.

After posting video of a person removing his sign in broad daylight on Greenwood Avenue, the individual went back to speak with Dan Carter. This is Mr. Carter's statement about the discussion. "The man caught on video tampering with our campaign sign came by and apologized. We also had an opportunity to discuss our differences.

I deleted the post with the video. My intention is not to cause further embarrassment to the individual. I respect him for apologizing and being willing to speak with me face to face.

We must not forget we are all Americans. One of our greatest strengths is our diversity, which is why principles like freedom of speech are so important. Regardless of how big or small a group may be, we must allow them to express their point of view in a manner that respects others."

When asked about the removal of the Erin Domenech sign, the Kushner campaign responded "The Kushner campaign does not condone the removal or destruction of any signs or property."


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