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Armed Suspect Arrested After Crash On Federal Road

On July 2nd at approximately 3:15 p.m. the Brookfield Police Department was made aware of a suspicious individual at the Union Savings Bank located at 200 Federal Road. Upon arrival of Brookfield Police Officers, the individual was located on Sandy Lane. Officers contacted the individual who stated he was armed and referenced suicide by cop.

The individual became uncooperative and drove off at high rate of speed. Officers lost sight of the vehicle and were then advised that the vehicle crashed at the intersection of Federal Road and the Kohl/BJs driveway. Officers arrived on scene, confirmed it was the same vehicle, and that the armed suspect remained trapped within. Officers worked to secure the vehicle and establish a perimeter until the suspect could be removed and taken into police custody.

With the assistance of several officers from mutual aid departments, the armed suspect was safely removed frorn the vehicle and taken into police custody without further incident. Police erport that a loaded hand gun was located in the suspect's vehicle.

Due to the high traffic volume, numerous onlookers, and need to secure the scene until the individual was in custody, multiple officers were needed. Brookfield Police were assisted by Connecticut State Police, Danbury Police, New Milford Police, Weston Police, and Bethel Police. Brookfield Police were also assisted by Brookfield Volunteer Fire Co and Candlewood Fire Department.

The suspect, a male from Gary, Indiana, was transported to Danbury Hospital in Police custody. The motorist hit by the suspect while travelling across Federal Road was also transported to Danbury Hospital and reported to not have life threatening injuries.

The suspect has been charged by the Brookfield Police Department for the following offenses and is currently being held on a $100,000 bond: 53a-217c Criminal Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; 29-38 Weapon in a motor vehicle; 53a-167a Interfering with an officer; 14-2232 Disobeying the signal of an officer; 14-219b Speeding; 14-234 Passing in a no passing zone; 14-236 Failure to maintain lane; 14-222 Reckless driving; 14-299 Failure to obey a traffic control signal. The Community Gazette does not publish the names of those arrested until such time as they may be convicted or plead guilty.


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